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My name is Savannah Gow Blomquist and I am an aspiring public relations professional. I will graduate with a degree in Communications from BYU April 2020. I would like to think that I am a mix of Leslie Knope, Mindy Kaling, and Elle Woods. I take my role as a solid ENFJ very seriously, working to utilize my strengths in both being a leader and a team player as well as reliability. My interests include event planning, social media, travel, and anything with a Kate Spade label on it.

When preparing to apply to the BYU Public Relations program, I realized that I lacked the required experience. I began marketing myself during career fairs showing small businesses how I could improve their marketing strategy and brand recognition through small consultations. My first summer after deciding to pursue public relations, I started consuming as much information from public relations blogs as I could as I started working for three different companies on their digital media marketing teams.

Today I use my passion, talent, and continual learning to consult for and manage social media accounts for a national women’s business organization, a regional airport, a university career services center, and a small nanny agency. Having my hand in many different industries has kept me well-rounded as well as never being bored while getting to know many different brands. I thrive when I am able to effectively multi-task, yet know when to hone in on important projects.

In every aspect of my work, I recognize the importance of going all in. I believe that the smallest birthday party often requires the same dedication as a Career Fair targeting 33,000 students. I believe that sleep can be made up later but an experience or a deadline can’t be. I believe that it is essential to put in maximum effort in making sure a brand is correctly represented and that the consumer experience is as perfect as possible. I am always looking for new people to collaborate with or consult for. Please reach out with any questions or opportunities.

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